Negin Vatanian

Art has helped me during the toughest times of my life and has supported me to ground myself and let me look beyond what is going on. It has given me strength and calm, in the stresses and tribulations of chaotic times. I paint in search of ordinary beauty to conjure up peace and happiness in viewers’ hearts and in my own. I see a perfect life through my art, bringing out the beauty of what seems to be unnoticed and forgettable.

My school days paintings won several local and state prizes, but circumstances thereafter ended all that till 2005 when I resumed my artistic activity after joining the Washington Metropolitan Artists Society (WMAS). With the support and encouragement of my colleagues, I have been pursuing painting ever since. In the beginning, painting was only a hobby and a private passion until 2017, when I stated participating in exhibitions and sharing my artistic side with others. Since then, I have received several prizes and had sales across the globe. Although I am experienced in color pencil and pastel, it’s watercolor that really makes me feel at home. Watercolor makes me lose control and let go of my expectations. It makes me to trust my instincts, my vision and the process, and go with the flow of paint and water to create a piece of art.

I live in Rockville, Maryland and have been working in cancer research in different capacities and roles. My goal is to bring out the inner beauty of my surroundings through my paintings and put a smile on someone's face. I am hoping my paintings bring joy and peace to others as much as they bring to my own life. 

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