Margaret Millman

Ms. Millman comes from a family with a tradition of lady (and occasionally, gentlemen) painters. Her great-aunt Vida Lahey was a well known Australian watercolorist and the only professional artist in the family. Many relatives, including her grandmother and mother, were enthusiastic amateurs, often substituting a brush for a camera on family vacations.

Although she had an interest in art from a young age, Ms. Millman, mysteriously, suffered from a fear of color. As a result, she managed to earn a B.A. in studio art (concentrating in ceramics and metal-working) without ever taking a painting course. For a number of years after graduation, Ms Millman gave up art work in favor of child rearing, In 1990 the artistís mother lamented the fact that none if the younger generation in the family had thus far continued the painting tradition. Being a dutiful middle child, Ms. Millman picked up the brush and began oil painting.

Ms. Millmanís works in oil are primarily genre paintings of her family and friends. As the artistís interest turned to landscape and botanical subjects, she turned toward watercolor paints for their lighter and more transparent qualities. Since 2003, Ms. Millman has been studying with Firouzeh Sadeghi and has begun to exhibit her works with the Washington Metropolitan Artistís Society.

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