Donna Golden

Donna Golden is an award winning artist whose love of life and art come together in her colorful, and sometimes whimsical paintings. She uses mostly watercolor, and oil paints to capture the essence of every day life. Her refreshing style reminds us of the simple joy and constant beauty in ordinary things. Over the last several years, Donna has experimented with splicing abstract elements into her mostly realistic images. This has added an extra excitement to her work. Her main goal is to use her art to bring joy and beauty to her audience.

Born in Washington, D.C. in the 1950ís, Donna Golden has lived in Maryland for most of her life. Her interest in art began at the age of thirteen with drawing and copying the masters. Eventually, she joined her artist mother, Marlene Golden, in a local art workshop with realist oil painter Joseph Kelly. She studied with him for seven years developing skills in portraiture, landscape, and still life.

In 1983, while living in New York City, Donna studied at the New York Academy of Fine Art with realist master Ted Jacobs, and well-known Art Therapist, Erica Steinberger. Upon returning to Maryland, she began taking private commissions for her artwork. Eventually, she gravitated from Oils to Watercolors under the tutelage of teachers Firouzeh Sadeghi, and David Daniels. Using Watercolors, she completely expanded her style from tight realism to a new bold explosion of color with abstract elements thrown in.

Donna is a registered nurse with over twenty-five years of varied experience in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New York City. Painting has been a spiritual and creative release from the often intense, and emotionally draining field of nursing. Although still a nurse on a part time basis, Donna has found that artistic expression has become a much more important aspect in her life.

Donna is a member of several local art societies. She has exhibited and won several awards in competitive shows. She has been selling her paintings throughout the metropolitan area.

For more information, you may contact her at (301)-990-7487.

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