Donna Auston

Donna Auston was born in Tennessee, and traveled extensively with her family until settling in Providence, Rhode Island. She has lived many places, including California and Hawaii. Before moving to Bethesda in 1990, Donna lived in San Francisco for nineteen years. She continues to love to spend time there with her many friends.

Donna sees beauty all around her, and makes art in many forms a part of everyday life. She loves visual arts, music, and all kinds of creative movement, spending much of her time in yoga and dance. She translates the grace and harmony she experiences in these activities into her painting.

Donna began her artistic career in San Francisco working for a well-known jewelry designer and artist, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. She has always been intrigued with the glow and transparency of watercolor, but felt her talents were more adapted to other media and expression. In 1994, the pull of watercolor drew her to try the medium. She began with abstract design of handmade cards. As her interest grew, she sought formal instruction in both drawing and watercolor painting. She has studied with Firouzeh Sadeghi for the past twelve years.

Although painting is not her full time career, it enriches her life and brings joy and vitality to her surroundings. Donna wants others to know that she believes there is an artist in everyone. She hopes her work will inspire others to find their form of artistic expression.

Donna Auston is an award winning artist and a founding member of the Washington Metropolitan Artists Society. Her works have been exhibited in many shows in the Washington area, and hang in many homes from New England to the West Coast.

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